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Market Competitiveness

A recent study carried out by Impetus growth identified that Zimbabwe has only a few companies with a presence online, some market places are online but are struggling to maintain their credibility by not providing benefits to the client. 

The conversation between user and platform provider is rarely effectively communicated, users usually left alone to figure out how to use the digital platforms, and the user interfaces are too complicated. The study recommends businesses to use user-friendly interfaces to improve usage and outreach to the people that require it the most. Unlike other digital platforms, SiyaSo online was developed in a way that allowed ease of use.

Zimbabwean businesses could proliferate and generate new sales for their business if they get themselves online. In an increasingly competitive environment, companies are providing innovative, high-quality services at lower prices. 

In Zimbabwe, several potential customers live abroad with buying power disenfranchised due to lack of online businesses in the country where they would be able to purchase goods and services. Zimbabwe businesses should be visible and enjoy the benefits of the digital age alongside hundreds of operators and online retailers looking to increase market share globally.


Online Market

Consumers mainly purchase from international sellers offering better prices, unique products or specific brands. This sends a clear message of how the local product should be improved to match the prospective customer; the idea that foreign is quality is a myth and requires dispelling. There is a tremendous amount of potential for local products; Impetus Growth is looking to change that narrative and ensure the quality of the products produced by those selling through SiyaSo Online. The products should meet the in-house set standard and pass quality mark and ultimately awarded with our seal of approval before shipping to our valued customers. They expect clear information about delivery charges, a simple returns process, and a seamless cross-border delivery and returns experience.

Impetus Growth would like to put Zimbabwe on the map as one of the top online purchasers. UK, China, the US, and Germany are leading the pack on the number of products bought through online platforms, in Africa, South Africa and Nigeria are making an effort. China, through Ali express and Alibaba, the country is enjoying significant benefits through embracing the digital economy.

Outside the EU, Chinese e-commerce marketplaces are strengthening international cross-border- services. Alibaba has reported that the value of goods sold on its market on Singles’ Day (11 November) rose 27 per cent to almost $31 billion breaking the 2017 record of $25 billion. Singles Day is the world’s largest shopping event, eclipsing both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a country, Zimbabwe still has a long way to go, we might not catch up with China, but we will put our businesses online following in the footsteps of china for a stake in the digital economy.

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Customer Service Team

Our customer service team is on-hand to help. If you have a problem with a buyer that you’re not able to resolve, you can get assistance via online chat or phone provided.

If you feel that a buyer has violated our rules and policies, let us know. It only takes a minute and will help us monitor buyer activity, which helps protect you as well as the rest of the selling community.

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