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Transforming retail business through reimagining the way people shop, we have a clear vision of changing lives through adoption of a strategic approach to provide digitally-led solutions to companies across the retail sector and beyond.

Our ambition is to build a more balanced, and diversified business to connect companies, products and customers digitally. We intend to expand our presence to a more extensive network of potential customers globally.

We have real potential to grow and an unmatched desire to deliver world-class service and ultimately transform to further leverage those strengths and become the pre-eminent solution provider in our key markets.



What drives us is the strong sense of purpose, while other companies search theirs, our foundation is built on one. We intent to transform business communities on the continent and in diaspora through provision of powerful mechanics of change. We subscribe to the ideology of changing strategy to achieve different result. Our core objectives are technology-led and people oriented, we believe in embracing digital economy, harnessing immense potential in people in order to create wealth and transform lives.



As Zimbabwe’s first one stop shop and a provider of premium products and services, we have a local and diaspora customer base that uses our website to buy and sell products and source our services including various trades. We also provide a range of commercial services to consumers, sole-traders, SMEs, large businesses and retailers who use our downstream ecommerce platform.

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Customer Service Team

Our customer service team is on-hand to help. If you have a problem with a buyer that you’re not able to resolve, you can get assistance via online chat or phone provided.

If you feel that a buyer has violated our rules and policies, let us know. It only takes a minute and will help us monitor buyer activity, which helps protect you as well as the rest of the selling community.

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