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Impetus Growth through the SiyaSo digitalisation initiative, we are carrying out community improvements through digital technology, allowing people to take advantage of the technology surge across Zimbabwe and the African continent. Digitalising informal markets will change the way businesses are run, bringing the technology element puts entrepreneurs more in line with the ever-changing technological landscape. Customer experience could be improved as more and more of us are shopping online.

Under the digitalisation plans, Impetus Growth intends to improve the customer shopping experience. Quality of products is core to our business, advanced production process, creation of employment and increasing the visibility of informal market places would dramatically increase sales for those through reaching out to a broader customer base. We aim to improve peoples lives by taking a more modern approach to the way of doing business by adopting well-defined processes that could ultimately translate to business growth.



The informal markets in Zimbabwe have been increasingly becoming an economic backbone, formalising these markets and improving the products and production processes could be beneficial to the country’s economy. Digitalising these markets is not necessarily making them formal; however, implementing the digital technology will assist in improving business and working standards which is critical for growth.

As part of this SiyaSo Digitalisation Programme (SDP), Impetus Growth is actively seeking investors to partner in setting up industrial workshops and warehouses that could be utilised by trade people from SiyaSo and other formal markets. We aim to tackle health and safety issues, product quality improvement and resuscitate the country’s economy. Impetus Growth will achieve this by making use of underutilised infrastructure and turning them into fully operational workshops. These investment commitments are critical, and interested investors can buy shares in Impetus Growth or become part owners of the business on projects bases or part of the overall business entity.

We hope to change the perception of security issues around buying online in Zimbabwe and introduce a culture of trust. We strive for excellence; therefore, the business needs to be very efficient to effectively address and focus on customer service improvements, introduce digital initiatives and new ways of working across industries.

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Our customer service team is on-hand to help. If you have a problem with a buyer that you’re not able to resolve, you can get assistance via online chat or phone provided.

If you feel that a buyer has violated our rules and policies, let us know. It only takes a minute and will help us monitor buyer activity, which helps protect you as well as the rest of the selling community.

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